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BodyLanguageLA is a Los Angeles based apparel company that is carefully curated for the smart, stylish, eccentric, fashionable fashionista who loves the name brands but not the prices the big brand names offer. We are a speciality store that strives to inspire true fashion addicts from around the world to dress just the way they please and thats why we at BodyLanguageLA carry all brands known to mankind.

We believe that we are a throwback from a fashion generation that’s long lost hence the wide variety of our stock. BodyLanguageLA helps to replay the past to the newer generation of fashion addicts so its totally safe to think of us as the plug…making sure that our rare pieces is made available irrespective of your location.


You can CONSIGN your DESIGNER items with us.
We consign with clients from around the world, so keep us in mind when you’re cleaning out your closets and getting ready for the new season because we believe that fashion is 100% recycle-able.
You can ship the items to us and we can sell them in our online store for you on a percentage. So why don’t you go ahead and take very clear and detailed pictures of your product with little or no signs of wear, email us and lets sell it!…its that simple.
We also offer local pick up around Los Angeles area. Please contact us for more information:

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Address: 1018 s Los Angeles Street, unit C, Los Angeles CA 90015
Phone: Tel : 213-536-5797

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